Mini Portable LED Car Cigarette Smokeless Ashtray - Blue
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Mini Portable LED Car Cigarette Smokeless Ashtray - Blue

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  • Helps remove odors and contain smoke and puts out cigarette in seconds; at the bottom has double paste, paste can be fixed in the right place
  • Lights up when the lid open to 90 degrees, if not need the LED light just open the lid to 70 degrees
  • Fireproof material, high texture, with a smoking hole, convenient and practical
  • The smoke rack and barrel body are seperated, this makes cleaning a lot easier  
  • Dimension (cm): 8 (L) x 6.5 (W) x 4.8 (H)
This Mini Portable Auto Car Cigarette Smokeless Ashtray with LED Light - Blue is a great convenient accessory for smokers. It is fireproof and easily to clean the dumping of ash soot box. Helps remove odors and contain smoke. And puts out cigarette in seconds. When you lift the lid or the ashtray LEDs light up. The LED illumination increases night vision and gives you easy visual access to the tray. It is easy to use safety and do not take up place.