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Reusable Silicone Piping Bag for Cake Decoration
Key Features Ideal for decorating cakes, biscuits and chocolates Reusable and easy to clean  Smooth...
£6.99 £3.99
Silicone Number Shaped Ice Cube Tray
Key Features Available in 3 colors Suitable for making ice cubes and chocolates Can be...
£9.99 £5.99
Silicone Ice Balls Molds for Whiskey Jelly Candy Chocolate Moulds 4.5cm
Key Features Available in 10 colors Suitable for making ice balls for drinks Easy to...
£12.99 £6.99
Heat Resistant Silicone Glove for Cooking Baking
Key Features Available in 9 colors One size fits most hands Heat resistant and easy...
£11.99 £6.99
Silicone Spatulas Set Heat Resistant Baking Scraper
Key Features Available in 2 sets Heat resistant from -40℃ to +230℃ Easy to clean Features...
£6.99 £4.99