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Billiard Snooker Pool Bowtie Shaped Cue Tip 3 in 1 Care Tool
Key Features "A great tool to maintain your pool cue tip. It's made of metal and last forever as long as you don't lose it."1. 3 Most Important Pool Cue Tip Maintainence Are Covered - Both scuffing, shaping and picking can be done by this little tool2. Improve Chalk Holding- Use the shallow side scuffer by rolling the tip inside3. To Solve Problem Like Miscue- Use the tip pick and roll over the tip to improve mis-cue4. To Shape the Tip for the Nickel Radius- Use the nickel sized radius shaper to shape the tip(The rate of change of nickel is about 4% more for the dime, and so Nickel is slightly better than dime) Available in 3 colors 3-in-1 tool, shaper, scuffer and needles Keep chalk better...
£15.99 £9.99
Aluminum Dice 5 Pieces 16mm Alloy Dice with Case
Key Features High Quality and Durable- Made of high quality aluminum alloy, feel comfortable, no...
£15.99 £9.99
Darts Set with Aluminum Dart Shafts Colorful Nylon Tip Darts Set
Key Features Designed for kids and beginners. Ideal darts for the family and a casual...
£17.18 £14.93