Electrical Anti Bark Collars for Large Dogs

Electrical Anti Bark Collars for Large Dogs

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This big dog bark control collar educates your dog to stop barking. Please do read all the features here and if you have any questions, please contact our staff for assistance. 

  1. For Medium and Large Dogs
    - Fits 25kg+ dogs with neck size 29-45cm

  2. Alert and Shock - Real Training for Your Dog
    - Warn your dog by alarm 2 times before shock
    - Starting from the third times, alarm comes with shock

  3. Automatically Pause Shock - Protect Your Dog
    - Pause functioning after the 5th times for 1 minute to protect your dog

    * If no more barks after 30 seconds, the device will restart from Phrase 1 again

  4. Micro Processor and Sensor
    - Identify clearing only your dog's bark will trigger its functions

  5. Adjustable Sensitivity
    - Adjust the sensitivity of the device according to environment's needs. For example, highest sensitivity at night

  6. Power Save
    - Battery lasts four to six weeks
    - Can provide around 2,000 times of shock

  7. Device Tester
    - Tester light to make sure your device is in working condition

  • Battery: 4LR44 6V x 1 
  • Dimension (cm): 7 (L) x 5 (W) x 4 (H)
  • Weight (g): 48
  • Package includes:
    - Bark Collar x 1
    - Testing Light x 1
    - Battery x 1 
This Electrical Anti Bark Collars for Large Dogs is safe for dogs and can effectively stop dogs from barking. This shock collar sends out increasing sound and shock when dog barks. It trains your dog by first giving alarms first, and if they continue with the bark, then it release little shock. Sensitivity level of this anti bark collar can be adjusted according to different occasions. This electric dog collar is a good way to train your dog.

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