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Square Clip Frame Plastic Rectangle Cross Stitch Frame for Embroidery
Key Features It works to keep your needlework taught. Tightly - When working on linen...
£7.09 £5.97
Cord Locks 20 Pieces Plastic Spring Cord Stopper
Key FeaturesThese cord locks are used to replace the damaged power cord lock. Great Tools...
£11.95 £8.21
Bobbin Holders 100 Pieces Thread Buddies Clips for Sewing Machine
Key Features They keep the bobbins secure with the spool of matching thread still on...
£7.53 £5.27
Sewing Machines Bobbins with Case 25 Pieces Plastic Bobbins
Key Features A handy storage unit for my spools. Sturdy and perfect for storing bobbins...
£5.55 £3.57
Embroidery Floss Bobbins 200 Pieces Plastic Bobbins
Key FeaturesWind embroidery threads on these bobbins to keep all your floss clean and tangle...
£7.98 £5.18