Humane Mouse Traps Set of 2 Mouse Catchers

Humane Mouse Traps Set of 2 Mouse Catchers

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"Trap mouse easily without getting hurt."

  1. Humane and Safe
    - No kill, catch and release rodents alive and unharmed
    - No contact with the mouse, no risk of bites

  2. Children and Pets Friendly
    - No chemicals, poison or glue 
    - No spring mechanism

  3. Smart and Improved Design
    - Transparent plastic body for daily monitoring
    - Features a spring-loaded lever system that snaps down quickly
  4. Made of ABS Plastic and Metal Plates
    - durable and corrosion resistant
    - The front and back doors are reinforced with metal plates, avoid chewing 
  • Easy to use
  • Size (cm): 35 (L) x 15 (W) x 7.5 (H)
  • Package includes:
    - Mouse Catcher x 2
    (Other accessories are not included)
These 2 Piece humane mouse trap are made of rigid ABS plastic and metal plates. The mouse catcher features a spring-loaded lever system that snaps down quickly when it is activated by a mouse . The door locks once the level system snaps down. It is easy to set up with no danger of injuring your fingers.You can use this mouse trap to catch live rodents, which is better than the inhumane sticky pads and mouse traps.  *How to set up* You just put some foods in the bait station and toggle the spring lock to the left to open the entry door. Once the mice steps on the plate, the door will spring shut. 

Customer Reviews

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Janet Simpson
Great mouse trap

Brilliant device. My cat has a habit of bringing in mice then leaving them alive to run riot round our house. We hate to think they will die so this is perfect! Put a bit of cheese in, when the mouse runs in the door shuts behind it. We then put it outside with the door open and mouse runs home when he’s ready. Would recommend! X