36W LED Grow Light with E27 Screw Base

36W LED Grow Light with E27 Screw Base

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Easily grow houseplants with this USB plant light. 

1. Effective House Planting with No Power Wastage
- Provide only specific Red and Blue lights for plant growing
- Blue lights are ideal for vegetative growth
- Red lights will help encourage budding and flowering

2. Low Running Temperature
- LED grow lights  run at a temperature that is simply warm to the touch, rather than approaching 400 or even 500 degrees
* LED grow lights should be kept at least 30 cm away from plants to prevent leaf burn

3. Power Efficient
- LED grow lights conserve 75% more energy than traditional grow lights and saves you money in the long run

4. Long Lifespan
- This LED plant light is rated at 50,000 hours of use

5. Space Saving Design
- Where other types of grow lights require a lot of equipment to run, LED grow lights free up your space
- The relatively small grow lamps will make it possible to move more freely throughout the grow room

  • Suitable for growing plants
  • Quick heat dissipation
  • Equipped with 12 LEDs
  • Red and blue LED light bulbs
  • Standard E27 screw base
  • Size (cm): 12 (diameter) x 12.7 (H)
  • Package includes:
    - 36W Grow Light Bulb x 1
This 36W LED Grow Light with E27 Screw Base uses only blue and red wavelengths to provide your plants with everything that they need without having to waste power and light on things that aren’t effective. LED grow lights have the ability to last a long time and then be thrown away after almost ten years of use without having to worry about harming the environment in the process.

Customer Reviews

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Sassy Brit
Very good!

This bulb is much larger than I expected! I guess I didn't read the instructions so well! ^^ A large bulb is actually preferential, as it covers a wider area.

The light has twelve small lights three blue and nine red which gives plants the light they need.

There are fins on the side of the light which dissipate the heat and keep the bulb cool.

It's a strong bulb and it never gets hot. I keep mine on for about 6 hours each evening, once it gets dark and have not had any trouble with it