Cat Feather Toys Refill 4 Pieces

Cat Feather Toys Refill 4 Pieces

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Use these Natural Feather Refills to replace the damaged end of feather wand cat toy.

1. Natural
- These are real chicken feathers

2. Safe
- Colored with food colorant after cleaning, non-toxic

3. Colorful
- Bright colors easily catch you kitty's attention

4. Easy to Attach
- Features a mini ring on the end, easily tied to any cat wand toy

  • Weight (g): Approx 4
  • Length (cm): Approx 18
  • Random colors
  • Package includes:
    - Feather Spinning Attachment x 4
    ( Colors of this toys were shipped randomly)
This Cat Feather Toys Refill 4 Pieces is designed to replace the damaged end of a feather wand. You can also make your own cat wand with these replacement feathers for cat toys.

Customer Reviews

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Ella James

I got these as a gift for my boyfriend's cat, Rambo, and he is completely obsessed with these little toys. You can attach this to the end of a wand toy and wave it around or bounce it across the floor to emulate ground prey. Rambo loves these toys just as much. His attention is completely captivated and he will run and jump all over the house to try to catch it - he is definitely getting some much needed exercise!