Dog Water Fountain
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Dog Water Fountain

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This doggie fountain provides endless hours of entertainment and hydration for your pets.

1. Never Worry About Fresh Accessible Water Again
- Fresh and clean water at all times, day or night
- By simply stepping on the paddle your pet will be provided with a cool stream of water

2. Entertainment to Your Pet
- The easy-to-use, paw-activated outdoor drinking fountain deliver lots of fun on warm weather days

3. Easily and Quick Training
- Most pets can learn to use the fountain within a day

4. Cost-effective
- No running water, only when your pet needs some refreshment
- Requires no filters
- Requires no batteries or electrical cords
- Upgraded copper valve stops leaking

5. Easy Installation
- Easy installation with a garden hose

* Install in shady location to minimize effect of sun’s heat on water
* Keep away from electrical outlets and cords
* Disconnect during freezing weather conditions to prevent damage to the fountain

  • Dimension (cm): 22(L) x 21(W) x 6(H)
  • Hose Length (cm): 103
  • Made from non-corrosive durable materials
  • Package includes:
    - Pet Waterer x 1

This Dog Water Fountain does not require the use of batteries, electricity, or filters, making this low maintenance, economical fountain a perfect choice for your family. This doggie water fountain allows your pets benefit from this fun learned behavior, which stimulates their brains and allows for an interactive experience when you just can’t be there.

Customer Reviews

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John G
Awesome product for everyone with a yard!!

It took me a couple of days to teach my dog how to use it. He is 8 months old and a little hyper, but he looooves water! So this has become a bit of a game for him. He drinks a little more water than usual but I don't mind because he actually enjoys it.