Childhood Collection Bling Crystal Teddy Bear In Skirt - Purple

Childhood Collection Bling Crystal Teddy Bear In Skirt - Purple

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  • Authorized Reseller For Play Bling
  • Each Crystal Is 100% Hand Set By Skilled Craftsman
  • Over 800 Piece Genuine Crystals Encrusted
  • Movable Arms, Legs, and Head
  • 3 Layers of Rhodium Plated
  • Metal Material: Aluminium & Copper
  • Crystal Type: Special Chaton Round Stone
  • Adhesive Glue Is RoHS Compatible
  • Presented In Premium Gift Set
  • Dimension (cm): 5 (W) x 7 (H)
A treasured icon representing comfort, companionship and carefree childhood dreams, the teddy bear is a friend to all. The childhood friend makes a great guest favor for baby showers and christenings. Fine Swarovski crystal figurines are crafted with an attention to detail that has dazzled generations of collectors.

This is the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays or an extra sweet thank-you, pronounce staggering emotion to someone special with this adorable gift-toting bear. And they are ready to play: the movable arms, legs, and head. It can also be the luxury decorates for the home and interior, adding extra home lifestyle.

Each design is completely covered in special round stone, it is with 2.5 times reflection rate than normal crystal. It is pointed, platinum foil-backed bottom and multifaceted. Xilion front side, ensures this crystal is the most brilliant on the market. Featuring a round view-side and have a range of different cuts, it is the new generation of brilliance.

Each crystal is encrusted with advanced 'Micro-Set' technology, which makes the density between each crystal much more tight. With the 3 layers of rhodium plated, it is much more long-lasting for storage as your special collection. Together with its international safety standard such as RoHS compatible, its quality is recognized in worldwide markets such as Japan, Korea, and Europe.

Play Bling's Craftsmanship

In days gone by, people believed that if a person touched an object, that object would form a bond with a part of their soul. Today such thought seems absurd……until you enter the realm of Play Bling's master craftsmen.

We rely on a mechanism that has been perfected over the ages: Our hands.