Foldable Car Sun Shade 2 Pieces with Suction Cups

Foldable Car Sun Shade 2 Pieces with Suction Cups

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These car window shades quickly and easily provide the best protection against harmful UV rays.

  1. Blocks UV Rays Rather Then Scenery
    - Black mesh blocks 90% above harmful sun light out from your baby while allowing visibility through the window still

  2. Lower Inside Temperature
    - This sunshade keeps your vehicle cool and prevents your passengers from getting too hot in the summertime

  3. Set Up in Seconds
    - Pop open to full size
    - Affix to the window with suction cups
    - Require no adhesive tape

  4. Easy to Store
    - Easy to fold back down and compact for storage
  • Fits most vehicles 
  • Size (cm): 38 (L) x 44 (W) 
  • Made of nylon
  • Package includes:
    - Window Shade for Car x 2
This Foldable Car Sun Shade 2 Pieces with Suction Cups protects your baby and your family from harmful UV rays while provides good visibility so they can enjoy the views.
These car window sunshades affix to the window with suction cups and you can simply attach or remove them in seconds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Alexa Charney
block enough glare

These are great, They block enough glare to help driving and at the same time help to keep the car cool.

Super sunshades

Very pleased with the product. I was pleasantly surprised with the suction cup though, as it need a good tug to remove.

I have used this product twice today on my school runs and have to say it is nicely compactable and can be stored in my glove compartment easily!